Log Right To PlayRight To Play is the leading international humanitarian and development organization using sport and play as tools to effect behavior and social change. Their trained coaches and community leaders implement programs which are designed to develop basic life skills, prevent diseases, teach conflict resolution and instill hope in children affected by war, poverty and disease. Right To Play implements programs in 20 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Canada.

The Bill Volk Celebration Golf Classic chose Right To Play as its recipient charity in 2012, when the Classic was first being planned to honour the life and memory of Bill. Bill had a love of sport, of fair play, and a deep sense of compassion. He was also a very practical man, who would have embraced the concept of creating programs that so effectively empower children to meet and conquer adverse life situations. At the outset of the our relationship with Right To Play, we asked if there was a specific program or area to which we could direct the money the tournament raised. They told us that a very needy part of Tanzania called Mara was about to lose funding due to its primary donor’s withdrawal from the area. The Classic was able to step in just in time to save (and expand) the programming in Mara. In 2014 Wendy (Bill’s wife) and Hannah (his daughter) visited Mara and traveled with the local Right To Play program coordinators, staff and volunteers, to meet and experience the programs directly with hundreds of the children benefitting from Right To Play’s outreach. They fell in love with the kids they met and were exceptionally impressed by the dedication, talent and extremely hard work of the local staff in Mara. The Classic continued to dedicate funding to the kids in Mara, and then in 2016 determined, with Right To Play, that the Classic could expand its support to include, as well, the needs in our own Canadian Aboriginal communities.  Since that time, the Classic has dedicated 50 per cent of funding to Mara, Tanzania, and 50 per cent to Right To Play’s programs that benefit Canadian Aboriginal youth.

The Bill Volk Celebration Golf Classic has, over seven years, raised $885,000 for Right To Play.

Click here to see Tanzanian kids saying thank you to us and our supporters back in 2013, or play the corresponding video in our Videos page. Also you'll find a video created by Bill’s daughter, Hannah, for the 2014 tournament, containing highlights of her trip to Tanzania to meet the children the tournament is supporting.

The following images come from the Right To Play Web site's photo gallery. We hope they inspire you to support the wonderful work they do. Please click on the Right To Play logo to find out more.

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