The following was published in the tournament programme of the 2017 Bill Volk Celebration Golf Classic

Bill Volk and Friends

There is family and there is almost-family – those people that you have known, loved and made memories with for the better part of your life. Our families have shared life’s joys, supported each other, traveled and spent often hilarious times together at the lake, farm and most often around each other’s dining tables.

Many memories of Bill centre on family trips together, with Bill typically leading us into ridiculous situations. Our first trip to a beach house in Mexico combined linguistics and high finance. Bill had spent a small amount of time in Mexico City when he was young, and reassured us that his Spanish was impeccable. With his indisputable (his perception) background in finance he took responsibility for currency conversions. On the taxi ride from the airport this combination of skills resulted in our gifted linguist communicating to the driver in broken but high volume French (not Spanish) and giving him a tip worth the equivalent of a month’s wages (from our finance expert). We like to think it was Bill being overly generous, as was his nature.

Bill had a unique ability to laugh at himself for whatever reason. He knew that he was very good at what he did – but was humble about it, which made him great to be around. Bill was tremendously generous with his time to provide an ear and advice to a friend, or friend of a friend; Bill rarely said no and regardless of how busy he was he would make you a priority.

Relentless, competitive, uncomplaining and exceptionally caring, Bill was the best of friends. The size of today’s field and the unfailing generosity that continues to support this tournament and Right To Play reinforce the enduring legacy left behind by a terrific guy.

Bill, we think of you often, and always with smiles on our faces.

Joan and Barrie Laver, Sylvia and Terry Summers