The following was published in the tournament programme of the 2016 Bill Volk Celebration Golf Classic

Bill Volk Brothers and SistersIt’s now been just over five years that Bill left us so unexpectedly, and while the grief has subsided, his memory will always be with us. We often fill the void of his absence with stories and reminisce about the good (and sometimes delirious) times we shared with him.

Over the years that this tournament has been held, you’ve likely heard us say many times that there really is no better way to celebrate Bill’s memory than with a good round of golf. We believe this not only because he loved the game, but because golf really can be seen as a metaphor for Bill’s life.

The game represents values that Bill held dear and lived daily – honesty, fortitude and patience (although the patience one was a work in progress). And he understood that golf was also supposed to be fun. Like most of us, he cheated from time to time (but he was honest in his cheating) and there were more than a few occasions when the stated score on a hole didn’t exactly line up with what really happened. Bill was also one of the founders and a strong proponent of “Volk Rules Golf”, where the ball was always sitting up; lost balls were never counted; credits were given for found balls; mulligans were limitless and do-overs commonplace.Bill and Volk Family

But in the end, Bill understood that in golf, as in life, decisions and actions are your sole responsibility and if an action results in a bad shot, you need to pick yourself up and try to do better the next time. Bill picked himself up his whole life and always strived to make his next shot better than his last.

As Bill’s brothers and sisters, we are honoured that you are here today to share in his memory and raise money for Right To Play – a cause of great importance to the entire Volk family. We hope you enjoy your day.