The following was published in the tournament programme of the 2014 Bill Volk Celebration Golf Classic

Picture of Bill VolkBill was a larger-than-life character, full of energy and enthusiasm. His greatest passions were his family and friends, his work, and the Green Bay Packers.

One of Bill’s favourite places to indulge these passions was his ‘farm’ near Creemore. (Plus it was a great place to chop wood and nap. Mostly nap.) The farm was the centre of family life for years, with weekends devoted to skiing with Wendy and the kids in the winter, and golfing in the summer. It was (and still is) a hub for friends and family gatherings, which Bill embraced.

Bill Volk and Wendy

As a plus, the farm is located on a hill with reliable smart phone service, even before that was common, allowing Bill the all-important luxury of never being out of the loop on a deal. As for the Green Bay Packers – they were at their best for Bill, and Collingwood saw some pretty exuberant fans at its sports bars in the fall and winter.

Bill was compassionate and generous. He would be thrilled with this tournament, and its support of Right To Play’s work with the kids in Tanzania.